This is exactly why i put out the money for my kids

Guys, this is exactly why i put out the money for my kids to go to a private catholic school!

basically there are bad kids in any place- but the parents of the problem kids cannot pull the old “my taxes pay for your salary ” argument- if they say “my tuition pays your salary ” they are told if they don’t like the schools rules they do not have to pay tuition- they can leave – the teachers are treated with respect at all times as are the Moms who run the cafeteria and playground – rudeness to a teacher or Mom gets ya seated alone at lunch or recess smart mouthing gets ya to the principals – cursing is an instant detention of course (and probably a few holy Mary’s LOL!!) ( oh and before someone says it our school is not a drop off point for bad kids who need to be reformed – if they are coming with a bad record they most likely will no get in at all) and i do not believe it is the public schools fault, that they cannot always enforce things the same way, but as you said the parents fault for taking their kids side no matter what happens -and not teaching their kids respectfulness and the kids who are taught right and are respectful are probably in the minority in their school

A friend of mine works as an aide in my towns public school district – and said that if everytime a kid smart talked a teacher they went to the principals office they’d need a class room for the principals office- not to mention the hissy fits a lot of parents would make …

i kind of see this all an extension of the need of parents to have a perfect child- the best at baseball or the best at school – kind of like they are their trophies- to admit the child may have done something wrong tarnishes their “trophy ” which they think makes them look like not as good as a parent to their peers- unfortunately to many its just the opposite i have much more respect for a Mom / Dad who acknowledges their kid done wrong and does soemthing about it – denial will just bring bigger problems later on