I have to agree with you about catholic school

The three R’s in our Catholic School is Respect, Religion and Responsibility. Last year was the first year our daughter went to private school.

What difference it has made in her. She actually talks and has conversations with adults instead of mumbles when spoken to. She is totally responsible for her assignments and she always comes home and does the homework right away before she does anything else- without me nagging at her. The teachers treat them with respect and demand nothing less from them. And you’re right the “bad kids” don’t get in. They have to meet the requirements-grades, recommendations from previous schools, etc. I’m not saying that there are no bad kids but in this school, parents are so involved and everyone knows everyone else (only 135 kids-Kindergarten through 8) that it’s like when I grew up.

You knew that if you did something you weren’t supposed to, there was going to be someone, neighbor or relative, around that knew your parents and it would get back to them. I’m not against public school, my son is in fifth grade and still goes to public school. his elementary school is great. But when he starts middle school he’s going to the Catholic school with his sister. The teachers at the public school have their hands tied.

They can’t do much about discipline for fear of law suits and discrimination suits. And they are required to teach so much more then the basics subjects that the basics often don’t get the attention they need. I applaud anyone that can homeschool. I think it would be a battle ground here. Terry