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Finally made last payment!

After 10 years I just made my last student loan payment! WooHoo! Anyway, I digress. It was with Sallie Mae, and they are really good about working with you, because they would rather have some money than no money.

But, student loans are not a write-off, but if you get a 2nd mortgage to pay off your student loans, then that 2nd is a write-off. Friends of ours just did that. I wish I had a site to figure out the amount for you. But I think you will be better off in the long run adding the amount to your mortgage. I enjoy anything that is a write-off! Hope this helps!

Also, Once a month my local Library has a book sale put on by The Friends of the Library

I have never been to the book sale but you have reminded me to get some books ready for this coming month’s sale

I was at the library Thursday and there was a table displayed with National Geographics (old) and in good condition Condensed Hardbacks of Reader Digest Novels

I did no succumb as I am getting rid of a lot of reading material also when my daughter came to take me home – she was also in the Library as my grandaughter was at the Safety Town Camp the prekindergartners go to before school – It is a2 week camp but they were in doors because of the rain it is put on by our Local Police station which is next to library —-
When my daughter came to get me she showed me a flyer of an Alice In Wonderland performance being put on by another camp – this one was for Secondary and High School Students – the show was a musical and it was free – I did not attend for I had to attend a meeting in a few hours

my daughter said it was well worth the price and it couldn’t be any better than free. wish there were more performances in our area

If you like to stay home and cook then you can get more meals at a cheaper rate for bean dishes – some beans take longer to cook and you have to consider your gas or electric whichever your stove requires

Are you still going to be the moderator of Creativie Budget – If you are please let me know by Email how I will be able to sign on

Marie G