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Good web site for money-saving tips

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, so forgive me if someone has already posted this URL.

Clark Howard hosts a consumer action radio show in Atlanta, and the site has lots of good information about all sorts of things pertaining to saving money.

Also, did you know that many states have passed laws that require auto insurance companies to reduce your premium if you have completed a defensive driving course in the last 3 years? These courses do not have to be “behind the wheel” types of classes. I signed up for one through the local community center for $15.00. I spend 4 hours in class, I save over $100 on my insurance premium. Not a bad deal.

Insurance companies don’t like to publicize this, so you may need to call your state insurance commissioners office to see if this pertains to your state. Also, if you ask your insurance agent, maybe they’ll tell you.

Glad to be back to the new and improved CBer list