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Coming in late on this

we were away for the weekend. Way to go !

This must be exciting for you ! I’m sure if you get your emergency fund built up you’ll be okay if something comes up after you quit work. Things have a way of working themselves out it seems so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I am excited right now because we came home with $160 of the money I had budgeted for our weekend trip to VA. We only ended eating 2 meals on Friday because we couldn’t check in our hotel room until 3 and until we got settled and went for dinner it was 4:30 so we had a combined meal. The kids had snacks on the way so they were fine and we had a late (10:30) breakfast.

Also we ordered pizza in for Saturday evening which was only $20 for all 8 of us ( My Mom and brother were along too). I had taken drinks and chips along so that rounded out our meal. Also coming home we didn’t stop for lunch because we were back before 2 and decided to just wait. We had all had a big cooked breakfast anyway. We took all our snacks and drinks along so NO 70 cents sodas at the machine at the hotel. We collected some shells along the bay and the hotel had a pool so that was pretty much the entertainment for the weekend. It took less gas than I thought and I had some in case money in another envelope and we didn’t use any of that.

Yippee !

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Now onward toward my semi-frugal planning for our week coming up at the shore. I admit I’m not as frugal on vacation as normal. It’s sort of our time of the year to let go a little. There were several B1G1F coupons for stuff in our Entertainment book and I have gotten sets of them from 2 other friends. The condo we are staying in has a full kitchen so we will probably only eat out a couple of times. I HAVE to have Boardwalk fries and ice cream (LOL) and we are going to do an amusement park one day. Of course we are going to gather more shells. There is a shell wreath on the cover of Family Circle that we are going to make with our gatherings. They basically just took a straw wreath and covered it in muslin and glued shells all around it.

Well back to my list making. I sure don’t want to have to run out and buy something at the shore that I forgot to pack! LOL

I’m back from vacation

Thanks Jane for directing me where to join the blog. I was getting very lonely.

I have been back from our camping vacation for almost 2 weeks and I had no clue what happened to you.

We had a great vacation. We went camping for a week in Cherokee, NC.

There is so much free stuff to do there. We went to see the old farm houses in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We seen the old cable mills where they still grind cornmeal. There was so much to do there. (Hiking to the waterfalls, swimming in the rivers). We camped in a wonderful campground called Wolf Campground. The kids loved it, every afternoon that we came back to camp from our adventurious day the kids had tons of kids there to play with. We cooked breakfast every mourning, took our coolers with us when we left camp and had a picnic lunch whereever and whenever we decided. Then we would come back to camp and cooked dinner each night. We did eat out one night at the BRIO Tuscan Grille.

We went to Ghosttown in the Sky and the Bear Zoo. It was great.

We had a very wonderful and frugal vacation.

Below is what it cost us:

$110.00 in gas (round trip)
$119.00 campsite for 7 nights
$120.00 GhostTown in The Sky (includes 2 adults, 3 children, 1 toddler and eating lunch there) We could of took our coolers there and had our picnic lunch but didn’t realize we could.
$7.00 for hubby fishing license for one day the kids didn’t need onebecause they were under the age limit.
$7.00 for wood for our fire
$15.00 for Bear Zoo (admittance fee for 5 people, toddler was free.
$50.00 for dinner for 6
$45.00 for souvieners
$15.00 for bread, milk, and ice

We took all of our groceries for our meals and snacks from home except the extra bread, milk, and ice we needed.

We had a wonderful vacation for less than $500 and we could of even went cheaper if we left some of the stuff out. It was a blast.

Sorry this was so long but I had to let some of ya’ll know you could have a great vacation without spending thousands of dollars.

Thanks, Tina in FL