Month: December 2017

Finally back on line!

HI All,
Just wanted to get a quick note off to you. Our Computer had a meltdown and needed to be taken into the shop to be worked on. We have been off-line for over a week now and just got back on tonight.

Unfortunately, I lost a bunch of my files and my ICQ along with all my contacts there. I am in the process of trying to reinstall ICQ, but I am going to need to get everyone’s ICQ numbers again (if you are on ICQ). My number should be the same (user name evie). I am also going to be taking a lot of time reinstalling all those lovely programs that I had on here for the kids. YUCK!!!!

My computer guy was great and saved my bookmarks and address book for me on netscape. I’m going to make hard copies of all my files that I do not want to loose before this happens again. LOL! Luckily my hard drive did not need to be replaced, but it did get a good cleaning (which it sorely needed). They still cannot figure out what made the computer go nuts, so they uninstalled and reinstalled my windows program and got rid of all the corrupted files.

We’ve had a busy time around here for the last couple of months. So much to do and not enough time to do it in! Between the garden and trying to put up all the produce that I can, swim lessons with the kids, helping a friend move, getting ready for a huge yard sale and now Jaysn being sick with a virus ( no fun for him or anyone else), we have had little time to sit back and catch our breath.

I do have some great news! Jeff and I have a new niece! She was born at the end of last week and her name is Ella. I can’t wait for Jaysn to get better so that I can go in and hold her and just love her to pieces! She is the first baby to be born into this family since I had my boys and we are all feeling very blessed by her arrival.

Well, I’m off to finish installing a few more programs! Take care and God bless!