Month: July 2017

Camp perks

My oldest daughter worked at Girl Scout camp this summer. They finished up yesterday and since the camp was closing, they sent the extra food home with the girls who helped out in the kitchen. She did great at picking what she thought we’d use! Among the goods was two HUGE bags of Kelloggs cereal, three gallons of apple juice, five lbs. of American cheese and 10lbs. of cheddar! I was sick last week and missed some work so these perks will really help out.

If you have a daughter who has the opportunity to work at a Girl Scout camp, I’d recommend it. Not just because of the food at the end. She got free food for the summer, swimming, horse back riding etc… was paid and I didn’t have to hear I’m bored or cart her around from place to place. She just turned sixteen so having her around a bunch of girls all summer had other advantages too!