Month: February 2017

I have to agree with you about catholic school

The three R’s in our Catholic School is Respect, Religion and Responsibility. Last year was the first year our daughter went to private school.

What difference it has made in her. She actually talks and has conversations with adults instead of mumbles when spoken to. She is totally responsible for her assignments and she always comes home and does the homework right away before she does anything else- without me nagging at her. The teachers treat them with respect and demand nothing less from them. And you’re right the “bad kids” don’t get in. They have to meet the requirements-grades, recommendations from previous schools, etc. I’m not saying that there are no bad kids but in this school, parents are so involved and everyone knows everyone else (only 135 kids-Kindergarten through 8) that it’s like when I grew up.

You knew that if you did something you weren’t supposed to, there was going to be someone, neighbor or relative, around that knew your parents and it would get back to them. I’m not against public school, my son is in fifth grade and still goes to public school. his elementary school is great. But when he starts middle school he’s going to the Catholic school with his sister. The teachers at the public school have their hands tied.

They can’t do much about discipline for fear of law suits and discrimination suits. And they are required to teach so much more then the basics subjects that the basics often don’t get the attention they need. I applaud anyone that can homeschool. I think it would be a battle ground here. Terry

This is exactly why i put out the money for my kids

Guys, this is exactly why i put out the money for my kids to go to a private catholic school!

basically there are bad kids in any place- but the parents of the problem kids cannot pull the old “my taxes pay for your salary ” argument- if they say “my tuition pays your salary ” they are told if they don’t like the schools rules they do not have to pay tuition- they can leave – the teachers are treated with respect at all times as are the Moms who run the cafeteria and playground – rudeness to a teacher or Mom gets ya seated alone at lunch or recess smart mouthing gets ya to the principals – cursing is an instant detention of course (and probably a few holy Mary’s LOL!!) ( oh and before someone says it our school is not a drop off point for bad kids who need to be reformed – if they are coming with a bad record they most likely will no get in at all) and i do not believe it is the public schools fault, that they cannot always enforce things the same way, but as you said the parents fault for taking their kids side no matter what happens -and not teaching their kids respectfulness and the kids who are taught right and are respectful are probably in the minority in their school

A friend of mine works as an aide in my towns public school district – and said that if everytime a kid smart talked a teacher they went to the principals office they’d need a class room for the principals office- not to mention the hissy fits a lot of parents would make …

i kind of see this all an extension of the need of parents to have a perfect child- the best at baseball or the best at school – kind of like they are their trophies- to admit the child may have done something wrong tarnishes their “trophy ” which they think makes them look like not as good as a parent to their peers- unfortunately to many its just the opposite i have much more respect for a Mom / Dad who acknowledges their kid done wrong and does soemthing about it – denial will just bring bigger problems later on

I’m back from vacation

Thanks Jane for directing me where to join the blog. I was getting very lonely.

I have been back from our camping vacation for almost 2 weeks and I had no clue what happened to you.

We had a great vacation. We went camping for a week in Cherokee, NC.

There is so much free stuff to do there. We went to see the old farm houses in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We seen the old cable mills where they still grind cornmeal. There was so much to do there. (Hiking to the waterfalls, swimming in the rivers). We camped in a wonderful campground called Wolf Campground. The kids loved it, every afternoon that we came back to camp from our adventurious day the kids had tons of kids there to play with. We cooked breakfast every mourning, took our coolers with us when we left camp and had a picnic lunch whereever and whenever we decided. Then we would come back to camp and cooked dinner each night. We did eat out one night at the BRIO Tuscan Grille.

We went to Ghosttown in the Sky and the Bear Zoo. It was great.

We had a very wonderful and frugal vacation.

Below is what it cost us:

$110.00 in gas (round trip)
$119.00 campsite for 7 nights
$120.00 GhostTown in The Sky (includes 2 adults, 3 children, 1 toddler and eating lunch there) We could of took our coolers there and had our picnic lunch but didn’t realize we could.
$7.00 for hubby fishing license for one day the kids didn’t need onebecause they were under the age limit.
$7.00 for wood for our fire
$15.00 for Bear Zoo (admittance fee for 5 people, toddler was free.
$50.00 for dinner for 6
$45.00 for souvieners
$15.00 for bread, milk, and ice

We took all of our groceries for our meals and snacks from home except the extra bread, milk, and ice we needed.

We had a wonderful vacation for less than $500 and we could of even went cheaper if we left some of the stuff out. It was a blast.

Sorry this was so long but I had to let some of ya’ll know you could have a great vacation without spending thousands of dollars.

Thanks, Tina in FL

Coming from a former teacher’s POV

Coming from a former teacher’s POV, alot of teachers have limited resources to work with and many of them are burned out, BUT, we have many ways of cajoling unmotivated and rowdy children, and diffusing situations diplomaticly. I get really sick and tired of people saying that it is the public schools’ fault for making these kids unruly and undisciplined. I know of many HS children; ALL of which are active in church, sports, 4-H, among other things, and they still have to deal with all kinds of kids.

As a parent, I can empathize with wanting to protect your children, but they also need to learn how to deal with unpleasant people since one of them might turn out to be your child’s boss or co-worker one day.

I agree with Janet. Parents’ involvement in the schools makes all the difference. The school my dd attends practically begs for volunteers! We are very fortunate to find it although I did my homework to find the best one for my dd’s needs. She is in a multi-age classroom (3rd, 4th, and 5th grades), her class learns thematic units and has a year-round schedule.

Her first day was yesterday! So she will have a couple weeks off in October unless we decide to put her in intersession classes.

I hope I am not stepping on too many toes and will fade back into lurker mode now!