Month: January 2017

This topic thread hits home with my family

This topic thread hits home with my family right now as we are still trying to decide on school options. We currently have our kids enrolled at both our local (across the street) school and a charter school. We are really trying to make our minds up concerning which would be the better choice in educating our children. At the beginning of summer I was really leaning towards a charter school mainly because of the behaviour concerns within the classroom.

They do have the option to kick kids out of the school ~ right?

We are also weighing up opppotunities and curriculum. We went to the ice cream social for the charter school and talked to teachers but they didn’t seem to know much about the classes they were teaching as most were newer teachers ~ not all bad because they have enthusiasm that SOME of the older teachers lack.

And then there is the realization that perhaps it matters more what we teach at home and the standards we set that will carry the kids through whatever school we send them. I babysit two children who go to the charter school and I wasn’t too pleased with their language (just as I wasn’t pleased with some of the language at the public school!) and I also talked with the daughter of a friend (whom I hadn’t seen for a few years) who attended public school and she really had her head screwed on right.

Does anyone have any solutions? If so email me! I really want to know!

Shari <~~~~ who needs a crystal ball to see what kind of school would really suit our needs