Month: December 2016

Re: May I play devil’s advocate for a few minutes?

Sad to say- but it’s not the kids, it’s the parents. The problems with our children today did not start in the public school system but rather in the home.

I couldn’t agree more HOWEVER, our home isn’t that way and that is where my kids would most often deal with this stuff.

I respect your reason for wanting to HS your kids, but sooner or later they will have to interact with their peers.

I am not homeschooling currently (my children are two and four) but I am sure a lot of homeschooling parents would agree that school is not the only place for socizlization and interaction with peers. This is one of my concerns simply because although as it was mentioned that there are thousands of homeschooling families in Missouri I have found only one other family in our county….definitely no others in our small town. There are also not a lot of other activities that are not centered around the school.

If the kids that are misbehaving are at church then where are you going to take your kids for them to form friendships? Are you going to quit going to church?

Now I don’t think that is fair. I am not trying to start a debate about homeschooling and I certainly have no intention of removing human contact from my children’s lives. That is why I asked people to email me and marked it OT so that people could skip it if they wished and email me privately if they wished. I simply wanted resources for homeschooling without local support.

As I said this is Vacation Bible School. None of these problem children are from our church but these ARE kids they will go to school with in the public schools (we have no private schools in the county either). If they carry on half as bad (and I know that they do because it is a small town) in school as they do at our church I don’t want my kids to be their victims. Many parents use VBS as a babysitter (not so they can learn and from talking to the parents of our worst ones they dont’ even expect them to behave) and send their kids to all of them in town and they are bored stiff because they just went to the other baptist church last week and did the same activities.

Tonight went much better….the large group (all cousins) that basically harassed everyone did not return after some forced discussions with parents. The other kids learned, they had a ball and it was wonderful.

Basically what I am saying is that there really isn’t a lot we can do about bad behavior. As a church we are private and can ask them to leave but the schools really can’t do it that easily. Teachers have a very difficult job and there is no way for them to have the power to protect the majority…the ones who aren’t disruptive. I will agree that the problem is definitely at home but I can’t do a single thing about their homes and I can’t give the schools and teachers more power to do something about it. I can however choose not to let my kids be part of it and risk being physically and emotionally abused.

I will shut up now.