Month: November 2016

May I play devil’s advocate for a few minutes?

Today, I supervised registration for a large public high school. The only negative people we had were NOT the students BUT the parents!!

One man threw his papers up in the air and cussed us out (his boys apologized for their dad), one man insisted he be given preferential treatment because he had a business trip the next day, well you get the general idea… Sad to say- but it’s not the kids, it’s the parents. And, it’s not all parents just a few. The problems with our children today did not start in the public school system but rather in the home.

I respect your reason for wanting to HS your kids, but sooner or later they will have to interact with their peers. If the kids that are misbehaving are at church then where are you going to take your kids for them to form friendships? Are you going to quit going to church? There are not easy answers. I find the majority of young teens today to be creative, insightful, and respectful. They live in a society we as parents and adults have created. Good luck in your endeavors.