Month: October 2016

I’ve been on this blog for just a week or so

Hi, I’ve been on this list for just a week or so, sort of lurking, enjoying all your posts, but mainly I’ve just been trying to get a feel for this group. So, please allow me to introduce myself, My name is Melissa. I am a Frugal- pagan- homeschooling- Massage Therapist- Herbal/ Naturopathic Nutritional Consultant- Mom of 2 great boys.

*Whew* Think I got everything out there. Still with me? Great. As far as your predicament with homeschooling… first.. let me tell you, there are Thousands of Homeschooling families in MO. Yes, THOUSANDS. *smile* Thats the good news. The even better news is, You have just decided to join the ranks of some of the most talented creative people you’ve ever known. There are several ways to HS, for instance, we Unschool. That is, my children do not follow a set curriculum. We use Theme Units, (such as an Ocean Study unit), etc. These are great fun for the kids, and make it incredibly easy on you when your starting out.

Here are some website, I noticed that you mentioned Church, I’m not sure which religion you followed and whether or not you would prefer to keep education/religion separate.. so I offer these in Peace! As I said, I am pagan, so I have not used these particular sites, but they seem to be loaded with really great info: The Catholic Homeschool Network of America

If I knew which area you were from I could better direct you to a group near you: here are some examples… SLHSN – St. Louis Homeschool Network A support group for homeschooling families and an information source for prospective homeschoolers. Diverse, with many religious, political and educational philosophies; focused exclusively on homeschooling issues. Offers bi-monthly meetings for members (visitors welcome); a monthly newsletter; a Learning Coop; a resource “trunk” library; and field events and special activities arranged by members. A packet of information is available with resources, description of homeschooling approaches, answers to frequently asked questions and the laws in Missouri and Illinois as they pertain to homeschoolers. Membership is $12 per year; Information Packet is $3.

Bolivar Area Homeschoolers

Support, activities, classes, and a newsletter, for homeschoolers in Southwest Missouri –

Here is probably the most helpful link I can think of.

FHE is the Lobbying Group for all home educators in the state of Missouri. We are not affiliated with any religious, political organization or special interest group. We work to win support for home education among the general public and before lawmakers and public officials. FHE provides legally accurate information to anyone interested in home education.

So.. these are just a few I could think of, since I am in Maine.. I’m not so good at locating resources in your State. I would be more than happy to direct you toward some additional sources if you would like.

(BTW, Homeschooling can be done frugally! If your worried about additional expenses think of all the money you will save on school supplies (the perfect notebooks that Everyones kids have), Brand name clothing kids fight for, etc!

Take Care,