Month: May 2016

DH and I are debating

DH and i are debating what to do in 2 years when our son is out of his catholic elementary school – High school cost more for one child than it does for 3 to go to the elementary school – i went to and survived public school just fine – DH went to public HS after catholic elementary and i think he suddenly had all this freedom and went a bit wild- but he was easily influenced – trying to be cool and i was very shy had my 5 close friends

and was scared to death of doing something wrong LOL!! but its not the same as it was 18 years ago – but i figure by the time he is 15 he will hopefully know what we expect of him – have his morals set and be able to avoid situations he knows are wrong – at least more so than a first grader would be able to do

i think his personality is more like mine than dh, so i think he would be fine in our public school ( which is a good school district in general ) but dh is worried becasue of how he acted ..

anyway i think you really have to look at each child differently – i think my 12 yo would do fine in the public schools my 9 yo going on 35 yo dd makes me a bit worried – only time will tell i guess –